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Have you ever wondered how to keep a safe backup of your iPhone notes? It is not hard to back up notes on your iPhone, especially with the latest technology Apple offers.


Back up iPhone notes to computer


To be able to back up your iPhone notes in the form of text files to your computer, you could use the following app:


1. Download and run the program on your computer by navigating to the above page. Next follow the instructions from the video below or continue with the steps underneath

2. Once you connect your iPhone to your computer with the program running, you will see your iPhone notes displayed within your PC


backup iphone notes


3. Should you wish to, you can modify, add, or remove any of your iPhone notes directly from within the program window


4. To back up your iPhone notes, simply click on the “Export selected” button after you select the iPhone notes you wish to backup. For the purpose of this how-to, I selected all and backed up all of my notes on my iPhone


iphone notes to computer


5. Next, select the folder on your computer where to back up the notes to and click OK


6. You will now have your iPhone notes backed-up to your computer. The notes will appear as regular HTML files with which you can freely interact or print from your PC


iphone notes


You can later import or backup more notes to/from your iPhone using the same technique as shown above.

Backup iPhone notes on iOS 6 and iOS 5 – using iCloud


If you have an iPhone 5 or an iPhone running iOS 6 or iOS 5, you can easily backup your existing iPhone Notes and other data such as iPhone contacts, calendars and emails by enabling iCloud Backup.


To enable iCloud backup on your iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and move the “iCloud Backup” slider from OFF to ON:


backup iphone notes


If you turn iCloud backup on, your iPhone notes will no longer be backed up automatically when you sync with iTunes on your PC.


To make sure you have your future iPhone notes are backed up and appear on your iCloud account, you can also enable iPhone Notes Sync via iCloud. To do so, on your iPhone go to Settings > iCloud and make sure that the Notes slider is moved from OFF to ON:


iphone notes backup


Backing up iPhone notes on iOS 4 and earlier


If you have an older iPhone which does not support the latest iOS version (for example iPhone 3G), you would not be able to use the iCloud in order to backup your iPhone notes.


You can backup notes on your iPhone using iTunes on your PC however. To do so:


1. Start iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone


2. Let your iPhone appear within the left-hand-side pane of iTunes’ main window


3. Right-click on your iPhone and select “Back Up”


iphone notes to pc


4. iTunes will now create a backup of your iPhone notes and other data such as contacts, emails, and calendars


backup iphone notes


5. You can restore this backup later on should you need to, again via iTunes.


Note, however that in order to restore your iPhone notes backup with iTunes or the iCloud, you would need to reset your iPhone to the state in which it existed at the time the backup was made. This means that not only your notes will be restored but also all your iPhone settings and data. Your iPhone media tracks such as music and videos will unfortunately be deleted from your iPhone upon restore.


You can also use the above method of backing-up iPhone notes if you'd rather not resort to using iTunes.


This is how you can keep your iPhone notes backed-up.

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