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December 28 2012 6 28 /12 /December /2012 21:24
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Have you ever needed a way to manage and export your iPhone text messages and save them on a computer? First thing that comes to mind is using iTunes, however, iTunes will not directly export your iPhone SMS in a readable format to your PC, albeit it will back your iPhone text messages upon each sync you effectuate.


This week’s post shows how to export iPhone SMS to your computer in a readable format in a few easy steps.


1. Get the right tools:

You would need a Windows PC and a dedicated utility which exports iPhone SMS readily available for download from the following page:


2. Run the above program on your PC, then connect your iPhone. Your iPhone SMS messages will show up on your screen after you click on the message-bubble icon within the program window


iphone sms export


3. Now you are ready to export your iPhone SMS text messages – simply select the iPhone SMS text message you wish to export and click on the "Export selected" button


export iphone sms to pc


4. Choose the format in which to export iPhone SMS - I selected "Web page" but you can also choose to export iPhone text messages to Word, Ecel, or plain text files.


choose export file format for iphone text messages


5. After you select the folder on your PC where you want to export your iPhone SMS messages, just open the folder and verify that there are a number of text files corresponding to the number of your iPhone messages


export iphone sms


6. You can then open each of the backed up iPhone SMS messages and interact with them on your PC by downloading photos, videos, or contact files directly from the HTML files to your computer.


iphone sms export


I find this method of exporting iPhone SMS convenient, especially if you are keen on keeping an easily accessible archive on your PC of your iPhone text-message history.


Follow the YouTube video below which displays the above steps in one minute:

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