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May 19 2013 1 19 /05 /May /2013 16:50

With the coming of iOS 7 and possibly the new generation of iPhone, you might be getting ready to buy your new iPhone and dump the old BlackBerry. This how-to guide will help you transfer your BlackBerry contacts to your iPhone in a few easy steps.


1. You must first ensure you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software installed on your computer. Chances are you already have the program, however, if you need to download it, get the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from here:


download desktop manager to transfer blackberry contacts


2. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and plug your BB to your computer


blackberry connected to desktop manager


3.Click on “Organizer” and tick the “Contacts > Winwos Contacts” option as shown below. Make sure the rest of the options are NOT ticked. Next, click on the “Configure...” button next to the contacts line


transfer blackberry contacts to iphone


4. From the new window that appears, make sure to select “One way to your computer only” as the “Sync direction” option. Click the OK button


blackberry contacts to iphone sync step


5. To transfer your BlackBerry contacts, click “Sync Organizer”


blackberry contacts sync to iphone


6. Your BlackBerry contacts will now be transferred to your Windows Contacts folder on your PC


blackberry contacts transferred to computer


7. You need to now transfer the contacts from your computer to your iPhone. To do so, you would need another tool called CopyTrans Contacts which you can download from here:


transfer blackberry contacts to iphone button


8. Run the above program and connect your iPhone to your PC. From the main program window, click “Import contacts”


import blackberry contacts to iphone


9. Navigate to the Windows Contacts folder where you transferred your BlackBerry contacts and click “Open”


importing contacts to iphone


10. Your BlackBerry contacts are now transferred to your iPhone.


blackberry contacts tranferred to iphone


This is an easy way to transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone in 10 quick steps. Check the below YouTube tutorial which describes the steps above:

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