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Ever since the introduction of iOS 6, the iPhone and other iOS devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch have been closely integrated with Facebook. You can easily share webpages, videos, and posts you find online directly with your Facebook friends and it is all native to iOS 6. You can also share photos and videos to your Facebook wall directly from the native Photos application. You can even post your Facebook status via Siri.


One love-it or hate-it feature of the iPhone’s native Facebook integration is the ability to source Facebook-friend data into the iPhone contact list. The problem until recently with bringing in your Facebook friends’ data to your iPhone contacts is the clutter that this brings to your iPhone address book. New contact entries containing little more than Facebook nickname information are created and added to the iPhone Contacts app.



In June, Facebook announced a fix with an update to the Facebook iOS app. Instead of creating extra contact entries without useful contact info, Facebook now only sources data to already existing contacts on the iPhone. All new contact entries created via Facebook contact sync were now automatically removed from the iPhone contacts list.


The fix was met with an even larger confusion by iPhone Facebook users who woke up in the morning realizing that half or more of their previous contact list was gone. In any case, the deleted contact entries were only the ones created by Facebook on your iPhone which contained little to nothing more than the person’s Facebook profile name (nickname).


However, if you would still like to opt out from Facebook’s integration with iPhone’s address book, here is how to delete Facebook friends from iPhone’s contacts list.


1. On the iPhone, navigate to Settings > Facebook



2. Place the Contacts switch from ON to OFF



3. That’s it; you just unlinked Facebook integration from your iPhone address book.

By Luis
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Due to a number of new devices available such as the HTC One, Android has been gaining market share and especially in Europe it is by far the leading smartphone platform with some 70% market share compared to a meager 18% share for iOS devices. If you recently bought an Android phone and are ready to transfer your old iPhone contacts to your HTC One, follow these quick instructions.


A. Export the iPhone contacts


1. You would need to get yourself a program called CopyTrans Contacts which will export and save the iPhone contacts on your computer. Download and run the program from here:


2. Plug the iPhone into the PC. The iPhone contacts will get listed in the tool’s main window



3. All you need to do at this stage is choose which contacts you’d like to import to the HTC One and hit the button “Export selected”



4. Make sure you select the correct contact export format. Since HTC One is an Android smartphone, choose “Android”



5. The iPhone contacts you selected can now be found in a folder on your PC as separate vCard files


B. Import the iPhone contacts to HTC One’s internal storage


1. Now connect the HTC One to your computer and navigate to “My Computer” where the phone will appear as a new device



2. Double-click on HTC One device within “My Computer”


3. Finally, drag and drop the folder containing your iPhone contacts to the internal storage of the HTC One



C. Import the contacts to HTC One from the internal storage


1. You may now disconnect the HTC from your computer. Open up the “People” app and tap “Manage contacts” under the menu button



2. From the next screen select “Import/Export contacts” and then tap “Import from phone storage”



3. Select “Phone” and then “Import all vCard files”



4. The iPhone contacts have now been successfully imported to HTC One



YouTube video showing how to import iPhone contacts to HTC One

Importing iPhone contacts to HTC One is an easy matter.

By Luis
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With the coming of iOS 7 and possibly the new generation of iPhone, you might be getting ready to buy your new iPhone and dump the old BlackBerry. This how-to guide will help you transfer your BlackBerry contacts to your iPhone in a few easy steps.


1. You must first ensure you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software installed on your computer. Chances are you already have the program, however, if you need to download it, get the BlackBerry Desktop Manager from here:



2. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and plug your BB to your computer



3.Click on “Organizer” and tick the “Contacts > Winwos Contacts” option as shown below. Make sure the rest of the options are NOT ticked. Next, click on the “Configure...” button next to the contacts line



4. From the new window that appears, make sure to select “One way to your computer only” as the “Sync direction” option. Click the OK button



5. To transfer your BlackBerry contacts, click “Sync Organizer”



6. Your BlackBerry contacts will now be transferred to your Windows Contacts folder on your PC



7. You need to now transfer the contacts from your computer to your iPhone. To do so, you would need another tool called CopyTrans Contacts which you can download from here:


transfer blackberry contacts to iphone button


8. Run the above program and connect your iPhone to your PC. From the main program window, click “Import contacts”



9. Navigate to the Windows Contacts folder where you transferred your BlackBerry contacts and click “Open”



10. Your BlackBerry contacts are now transferred to your iPhone.



This is an easy way to transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone in 10 quick steps. Check the below YouTube tutorial which describes the steps above:

By Luis
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Tuesday 14 may 2013 2 14 /05 /May /2013 20:36

CopyTrans Contacts, a multi-featured PC tool designed to manage iPhone contacts, notes and calendars has announced it goes on sale for 24 hours celebrating the release of Star Trek Into Darkness movie.


The sale will be preceded by a retweet event between May 15th and May 16th at 4PM New York time directly on the CopyTrans twitter page which will decide the final discount rate:


The rules of the game are simple. The more retweets collected between May 14th at 3PM and May 15th at the same time, the higher the discount rate for the announced sale. The rate of discount could grow up to ninety per cent provided enough total retweets were counted.

By Luis
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Friday 10 may 2013 5 10 /05 /May /2013 17:03

Transferring iCloud notes to your iPhone or your PC is mission impossible if you are trying to use conventional Apple tools. I recently found a simple method to bring notes from my “iCloud” account to “On My iPhone” account.


To transfer my iCloud notes to my “On My iPhone” account, I used a small Windows tool called CopyTrans Contacts. You can download the program from here:


1. Download and run the program. Connect your iPhone to your computer


2. Let all of your iPhone data load up in the main program window and click on the Notes icon on the left-hand side. Your iPhone notes will be listed


3. You will also be prompted to log in to your iCloud account. Enter your Apple ID and password associated with your iCloud account and click on the “Login” button



4. Your iCloud notes will now also get listed in the program’s main window. Your iCloud notes will be designated by a small cloud icon to the right


5. You will now need to export your iCloud notes to your computer. To do so, simply select all of your iCloud notes (check the boxes on the left of each note entry) and click on the “Export selected” button



6. A new window will open asking you where to save your iCloud notes. Select a location which you can easily access – for example your PC Desktop. Your iCloud notes will be exported to your computer in the form of individual HTML files



7. Next, import the HTML files back to your iPhone by clicking on the “Import notes” button



8. Your iCloud notes will now be imported directly to your “On My iPhone” account



So far, this is the only method I know of to bring iCloud notes to “On My iPhone” account.

By Luis
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